Board of Directors

One of the great things that makes credit unions different than banks is the fact that we are financial cooperatives that are member-owned and controlled. Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are made up of members who volunteer their time and talents to serve and represent the interests of our membership.

Why become a volunteer leader at the credit union?

  • Your voice represents thousands of members and helps ensure that the credit union is meeting our member's expectations
  • You will be a part of the credit union philosophy of "people helping people"
  • You gain knowledge and experience in leading a financial institution
  • It is an opportunity to become a leader in your community
  • It also looks good on your resume

So, what exactly do these positions entail?

Board of Directors
Board members are key to the success of the credit union and bring a wealth of knowledge, energy, and passion in upholding our commitment to improving the financial well-being of our members and the community. The board of directors is comprised of 7 elected member volunteers who help make decisions on behalf of all members by:

  • Board members play a vital role — in partnership with senior management — in shaping the strategic direction of the credit union.
  • They are involved in the processes of designed strategies, goals, policies, and products and services.
  • They must also provide ongoing oversight to ensure the financial soundness and sustainability of the credit union
  • Monitoring the progress of the credit union's strategic goals
  • Evaluating the credit union's operations and assess our financial well-being

Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee ensures that the credit union is meeting the expectations of our members and are upholding the credit union’s core values. The Supervisory Committee is comprised of 3 elected volunteer members.

  • Build trust with members by providing transparent communications and information about the safety and soundness of the credit union
  • Help safeguard the assets and interests of all members
  • Oversee annual audits, reviews, and investigations when necessary
  • Observe that the credit union carry out all established policies and maintain accurate records
  • Ensure that the credit union is acting in the best interest of our members

Interested in being a volunteer credit union leader?

Current positions open:

Available openings are updated on a continuous basis. Please check back at a later time for an open position.

Each position is elected by our members through a democratic vote for a three-year term.