Introducing: The CardControl App!

Introducing CommonWealth's CardControl app, where you have the control to securely and easily manage your debit and credit cards directly from your phone! CardControl empowers you to decide when, where, and how your cards are used, both in advance and in real-time. You have control to help reduce fraud and misuse of your cards.

With the CardControl app, you can set up various controls for card usage as well as instant alerts when transactions are made or attempted.

It also includes other great functions such as:

  • Turn cards on and off
  • Add travel notes
  • Restrict cards to work only with certain types of merchants
  • Set spending limits for card transactions
  • Get instant alerts each time the card is used

The CardControl app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Getting started is easy! Download the app and enroll today to start setting up your preferences and adding another layer of security to your cards.

From your iPhone or iPod touch:

Available on the App Store

From your Android Phone:

Android App on Google play
  • Control and Alert Options
    • On/Off: Using your control preferences, you can turn your card on or off within seconds.
      • This is an especially helpful tool to have in case you were to misplace or lose your card.
      • You can also set up on/off alerts to be notified when your card is turned on or off, or if transactions are attempted while the card is turned off.
    • Location: Using your control preferences, you can set multiple location control policies for each card. Some of the options include:
      • My Location — Denial is recommended when your phone location is different than the merchant location where the in-store transaction is being attempted
      • My Regions — Denial is recommended when a transaction occurs outside of an area that you have defined (a region on a map around a city or postal code)
      • Block International — Denial is recommended when a transaction occurs outside the U.S.
      • You can also set up multiple alert policies for each of your cards to alert you when any of these same things are attempted.
    • Transaction/Merchant Type: You can also set controls to deny specific transactions or merchant types. For example:
      • Transaction types — instore-transactions, auto pay transactions, ATM transactions
      • Specific merchant types — department stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.
      • If you don't feel the need to set controls to block any specific transaction or merchant types, you can still set up alerts to be notified when transactions of any specific type are made as well

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