Achieving your financial goals and managing your success is about to get easier. CommonWealth is proud to offer CommonView, a new powerful way for you to organize and manage your finances. It helps you see where your money is going, how you're spending it, and how you can improve your financial outlook.

CommonView allows you to track all of your online banking accounts in one place — including the ones you have with us AND those you have with other financial institutions. You can track any account you have online access to at almost all financial institutions, including credit card providers and investment firms.

CommonView is a personal financial management (PFM) tool that provides a complete review of your financial picture including online budgeting and cash flow management. You can set budgets, evaluate spending habits, track goals, and build wealth.

Since CommonView is provided by your credit union, you can feel confident knowing that your information is secure. We won’t store your data so you can rest assured that your identity won’t be stolen.

  • Set Holiday Spending Targets with CommonView!

     Make this the best holiday season ever! It's easy to set spending target with CommonView, and once you have them, they can keep you grounded when the seasonal festivities get going. Whether you need to save for a flight home, a special gift for that special someone, or just track your everyday spending, CommonView makes it easy. Set your spending targets early to make sure you stay on track this holiday season.

    How to Add a Spending Target to your Budget:

    • Step 1: Select "Add A New Spending Target" on the budget dashboard
    • Step 2: Indicate the tags or categories you would like to track (e.g., "Dining Out" "Coffee" "Lunch")
    • Step 3: Name the Spending Target (e.g., "Dining Out")
    • Step 4: Set your monthly limit. (How much do you want to spend on each item, each month?)
    • Step 5: Click the "Add Spending Target" button to complete the process of adding a new budget

    NOTE: Budgets will automatically reflect recent purchases based on the selected tags and will let you know when you're spending too heavily.



    Overview - Bring in accounts from outside of CommonWealth and view your entire financial picture.

    Budget - Visually see where your money goes each month.

    Cash-Flow Calendar - Visualize your budget on a daily basis through an interactive calendar.

    Tagging - Take control and keep your budget accurate and organized by categorizing your transactions.

    Goals - See how much money is available for goals after your bills have been paid.

    Alerts - Stay on top of your spending.

    Net Worth - See where you stand with a graphical overview of your asset and debts.

Get Started

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