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Tools to make managing your money easier!

Some budgeting tools are now fully integrated into Online Banking so you can view and manage all of your accounts in one familiar place. Syncing accounts from other financial institutions allows you to better manage your budgets and spending by seeing all of your balances in one place. Sync accounts like:  

  • Credit cards 
  • Loans
  • Checking 
  • Retirement accounts
  • Savings or investment accounts

In addition to seeing all of your transactions and balances in one place, you will also be able to:

  • Categorize your transactions - Organize all your transactions into categories such as bills, shopping, entertainment, and more! You can even change the categories as you see fit.
  • Track your budgets - See how much you spend in each category and create budgets according to your needs. You can build your own budget from scratch or have one auto-generated based on your spending history. 
  • Monitor your spending - Track your spending over a period of time.
  • Debt management - Review different methods and plans for paying off your debt.
  • Calculate your net worth - Compare all of your assets vs. your debt. 
  • And more!

A better way to track your finances with the comfort and familiarity of the CommonWealth Online Banking system you already know and love!

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  • FAQs

    Can I make a transaction with my linked accounts?

    • No, linked account information is display-only. Although you can see balances and transactions, plus modify transactions descriptions and categories, you cannot transact with linked accounts directly, such as creating new transactions or transfer funds between linked accounts.
    • Note: Do not confuse "linked accounts" with "external transfer accounts". With an external transfer account, you can move funds to or from the account after account verification to ensure your ownership of the account. Your linked accounts will show in display-only mode and will not show up when making a transaction with in Online Banking.

    Why won't my linked accounts import into Online Banking?

    • You can only link accounts from domestic, U.S. based Financial Institutions (FI).
    • If your account credentials for an external FI.
    • Various issues can block you from linking an account. For example, if a specific FI does not appear during a search, it may not be currently accessible through our linking services. FI can be added so be sure to check back or ask your FI to include other FI in the future.

    If I update my login information for a linked account, how do I update it in Online Banking?

    • Swipe left on the account or click the two vertical bars on the account tile to reveal the "Quick Actions" underneath, and them click "Update Login". When the link Account window appears, make your changes and click "Save".

    Can I change the names of the Online Banking tools categories?

    • Although you cannot change the names or delete the default categories, you can add your own subcategories and then rename or delete them as you see fit.

    Can I export my categorized transactions from the Accounts Details page?

    • Yes, for internally-held accounts only (not linked accounts).

    Can I print the Online Banking tools reports?

    • Yes, we encourage you to link all of your accounts to have a comprehensive view of your finances.

    If I hide a linked account at another FI, will the Online Banking tools continue to pull transaction date for that account?

    • If you have at least one linked account visible from a specific FI, we will continue to receive transaction data from that account.
    • If you hide all accounts from a specific FI, they will be deleted from your profile completely and we will no longer receive transaction data for those accounts.

    How will I know if my login credentials are out of date for a linked account?

    • A "Last Updated" date appears on each linked account tile.
    • If the Online Banking tools determine the credentials are invalid, a warning icon appears, along with the length of time since the last successful update. If you click through the "Account Details" for the account, you will be prompted to update the credentials for the account.


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